Motherhood Monday

Dress: Pure; Shoes: Topshop; Coat: Burberry; Bag: Zara; Neckpiece: Legit

Thanks to Lerato for these Iphone pictures.
Isaiah turned 8 months old on Friday. How did that happen, really?!
Here’re some things you may (or may not) like to know:
I don’t know his exact weight, but he is really heavy. Really.
He wears size 6 – 12 months clothing.
He still likes banana, butternut and sweet potato purity.
He also likes cheese curls, and strawberries, and watermelon…
He claps, and now waves tata.
He hasn’t started crawling, but looks like he wants to take the leap.
He has no teeth, but bites everything.
He loves sitting on the floor.
He enjoys his swing, and jumper – but often hesitates if you want to put him in his chair.
He is very stubborn. He grunts loudly and aggressively in protest.
He has discovered that he controls his nose now too, and makes a cute sniffing sound.
He is still breastfeeding, but takes formula during the day.
He responds to music by waving in the air.
He is the cutest little boy I know 🙂

Thanks for coming by!


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