Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Dress: Pure; Shoes & Neckpiece: Mr Price; Bag: Foschini; Sunglasses: ALDO
My body’s position as I share a bed with a baby who sleeps like a grown man.
…because this baby does not want to stay in his cot.
Said baby’s demand to sleep uncovered. Dare not tuck Isaiah in.
The bags under my eyes.
Heels, getting stuck in the ground.
A bruise without a source. Happens all the time.
Asking Lerato what awkward things have happened lately. My awkwardness is public knowledge.
“Oh, I haven’t seen this outfit before, Nastassja.” Every single day.
New house stuff.
Decorating dreams.
A new job on the horizon. More about that in the new year.
2013. This year has been one of dreams.
Coke. As in, coca cola. All summer long.
December, around the corner.
Grace. Thank You Lord for grace.

Thanks to Lerato for these pictures.
Thank you for coming by!


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