Motherhood Monday

Skirt, Top & Neckpiece: Mr Price;
Shoes: Fashion Express; Bag: Zara; Earrings:Honey
This is an old look from a few weekends ago. I thought I’d blog more regularly while on leave, but I should have known… that never happens. Anyway, I thought I’d post this one tonight, especially since it’s Motherhood Monday and our boy is already ten months old! Here’re a few things you may like to know:
He is officially crawling. While it started a couple of weeks ago, he never really crawled – he almost just scooted around, with one leg still under his bum. Now that he’s completely mobile, he only wants to be on the floor.
He is also pulling himself up against the furniture, and walking alongside it. He thinks that he can stand, that child. Often he lets go and stands for a few seconds as we cheer him on while he grins proudly.
He is making Dada, Oupa and Mama sounds. I’m rooting for the latter as his first word, obviously, so while no one’s watching I repeat Mama a zillion times hoping he’ll catch on. Ha!
He only eats banana purity. No other will do. He loves 2-minute-noodles. Doesn’t like his cereal very much. Biltong’s a winner.
We can see his first tooth starting to appear.
He is starting to develop a real temper – and knows how to manipulate us. He threatens to cry when we tell him “no”. And, he does not lay still when we change his nappy any more. He rolls over, sits up, crawls… anything to stay naked a little longer.
Yup, he loves to be naked.

Thanks to Husband for these pictures.

Thank you for coming by. I hope you’ve had a great time this festive season. Happy New Year, in advance. I pray that you are blessed in 2014 and every day thereafter.

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