Motherhood Monday

Bag: Zara; Everything Else: Mr Price
It’s Sunday night, but cue Motherhood Monday! Isaiah’s in our bed. He doesn’t like the cot very much. He also refuses to go to bed without me. This is what the last couple of weeks have been like. I told you he has his first tooth right? I’d like to think this is what teething is about. Very needy baby. Sleepy mommy and daddy. But we’ve made it work.
We’re having so much fun with a ten-month-old. We think he is more adorable every new day. He’s such a sponge – taking everything in. Kisses. Waves. High-fives. Dance-moves. Imaginary phone calls. Lovely imitations.
These pictures were taken on Saturday, after spending some time pony-watching and pram-pushing. It was really hot, but we enjoyed it so. Isaiah chewed on biltong and took little sips of water (from Husband’s water bottle, because it’s fun to play with water – you know), and I tried to point out chickens and sheep.
Speaking of sheep… I should get back to counting some. I start a new job tomorrow. It’s such a different thing from anything I’ve done before – I’ll be working from home, mostly. This is huge for our new family, and I feel incredibly blessed to know that I will be around to see, literally see, Isaiah develop. Things are happening so fast, and we don’t want to miss a thing. So while I aim to stick to a work schedule, I like the idea of being able to hear him giggle in the other room.
Anyway, this Mama’s sleepy. Good night. 

Thank you for coming by.

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