Thankful [Wednesday]

Dress & Earcuff: Mr Price; Shoes: Legit; Bag: Gifted LV
Sunglasses: Fashion Express; Bangles: Gifted
Today’s Thankful Tuesday (on a Wednesday) is particularly appropriate because it’s the start of a new year – a time most of us reflect on the past year, and make plans for the future.
I’m not into New Year resolutions in particular, but I believe in setting a new vision every year. A personal vision, one for my career, and one as a family. Husband and I are so thankful when we look at our 2013 Vision because God has been so good. Goals we thought were long term have already been met! 2013 has been a HUGE year for us. We had a baby, sold our little apartment, and bought a house. I changed jobs, and and and…
So many big things squeezed into one year. Thank you Lord for 2013!
There’s power in writing things down. I’ve always respected the pen (it’s mightier than the sword, indeed!). And so, as I consider and finalise my 2014 Vision, I encourage you to write yours down too! I wish you every success this year. Live a BIG life!



Thank you for coming by. I’ve alluded to a giveaway a few times and if you’re keen, follow me on the social sites (see the Let’s Connect tab). I’ve been cleaning out my closet!


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