Dressing to Feel Good

Jeans, Top & Neckpiece: Mr Price; Shoes: Edgars
Bag: Zara; Earrings: Fashion Express
This is what I wore yesterday. That’s actually only partly true, because I was in PJs until 3pm. I hadn’t left the house all day (obviously, PJs are not for public ventures!), and was not planning to do so – but I reached for these high waist skinnies, crop top (because I’m cropping it all Summer long) and heels anyway because a. Husband won’t find me looking ashy (after a long day at the office nobody wants to come home to a drab pyjama party – even if the PJs are cute) and b. I needed to feel good.
Getting dressed, and putting on some make up is something I enjoy. In fact, I highly recommend it (especially the getting dressed part, ha!). Look good = feel good. When I feel down, I dress up – even if it’s just a pair of heels to add oomph, or an extra spritz of perfume – and it does wonders for my spirit.
I came across some guy’s Facebook status yesterday, talking about how women in relationships shouldn’t be making an effort to impress people by looking good in nice clothes and make up, and how these women’s men are fools to allow this… this guy?! He doesn’t know does he? Women. You are beautiful; present yourself as such. Like a gorgeously wrapped package. Not to impress people – you do this, for you. People will have an opinion of you, anyway – so make a grand statement while you’re at it! That doesn’t mean a sexy dress or heels everyday, but whatever makes you feel beautiful. It takes very little effort. Let me not rant, I could go on forever. Just know this, what you think about yourself shows up all over how you present yourself. Be good to yourself.

Thank you for coming by!


  1. First off, how are you looking so good after just having a baby!

    Secondly, interesting post. How you look is a visual communication to the world about who you are and your value system. I see dress as an expression of one's identity. If you're a scientist and dress in old band tees, shorts and flip flops, that's who you are and you are communicating, through your dress, that you don't value dressing up.

    In relationships, I believe in both parties making an effort in dress and in other forms too. Regardless of whether a man believes it to be necessary, we should do what makes us happy and dressing up is such fun in any case.

    Nastassja, you are living testament to the fact that a women can work, have a baby and still look fab!


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