Motherhood Monday

Jeans: Jay Jay’s; T-shirt: Henry Holland for Mr Price; Scarf: China Town
Shoes: Cotton On; Bag: Mr Price; Neckpiece: Zuri; Watch: Gifted Michael Kors
Isaiah is 11 months old this week. I can’t believe his first birthday is next month. It’s a scary thing, but it’s such a proud time too. I remember my anxiety at the thought that we’re responsible for another person and while that anxiety still exists, I’m so proud that we’ve made it and that we’ve done alright. We can’t say – “ag, next time we’ll do better”. Your first shot at parenting is really your best shot.
I’ve been breastfeeding all the time. At 3 months old, he started taking formula during the day, when I returned to work – but I’d breastfeed every other time. I knew I wanted to breastfeed; there was no question and I’m blessed that I was able to. I had planned on breastfeeding for a year, but this week I wean him off.
I figure he is old enough, and he is definitely a ball of health. He takes solids well, and doesn’t refuse the bottle. I think I’m comfortable to stop breastfeeding. It’s a little heartbreaking, because I feel sorry for him although I know that I’m not doing him an injustice. In fact, I’m continuing to lose weight and will do best by looking out for my health. It’s also heartbreaking because breastfeeding was our thing; our QT – I love it and I’ll miss it.
I’m not going to be the mama to a breastfed pre-schooler (this is a true story), so it’s inevitable. It feels like the end of a big thing in both our lives, but the reality that he’s growing up is exciting.
A new chapter begins.
No breastfeeding-friendly outfits required. Here’s to wearing anything (it’s not even a consolation right now). Sob.

Thank you for coming by.


  1. First off, you look beautiful!

    Secondly, lets talk about this breastfeeding thing! I've been breastfeeding M since birth, only about a month ago we gave him formula to try because we want to wean him off breastmilk. He has maybe had 4 bottles since then, still love breastmilk more. Ha! (I also want to stop when he's a year.)
    And I too really enjoy our alone time. Just me and him but I guess we'll have the rest of our lives for more me time.
    Please give me some weaning tips? I'm so nervous!

    You're doing great Mom! And I love reading your Motherhood posts! 🙂


  2. Hey Laiqah. I recommend getting him onto some sort of routine, maybe taking the bottle during the day, to get him used to it. If he refuses, leave it and try again (and repeat as many times as necessary). Don't offer the breast as a second option – it sounds awful but if he's hungry he'll take the bottle eventually. This worked for me. Once he's used to taking it during the day, increase his bottle time over the next month until he takes it fine in the mornings/evenings and eventually even when he wakes up during the night once he's weaned. Since you have a month, it's a good way to wean him gradually. Isaiah is taking the breast early morning (and throughout the night because breastfed babies apparently need us, the human dummy) and evening, so I'm just going to go cold turkey and not give him the breast at all. Good luck! I'll do a post next week with a progress report 🙂


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