Motherhood Monday

Top, Shorts & Shoes: Mr Price; Bag: Foschini; Sunglasses: Gifted Ray Ban
Isaiah’s going to be one soon, yet I cannot account for the time that has passed. It really feels like just the other day we found out we’re expecting! I shared that story here. I was thinking about that this morning. I remember taking the test and my mom called literally as I was waiting for the results, “are you pregnant? I have a feeling you’re pregnant…”. We had decided we’d only share the news later, but of course I couldn’t contain it at that point.
As I thought about this, I was reminded of how great God is. How he orchestrates things so perfectly, and he is always on time. He opens doors as we need them, and while we become despondent during trying times – we always see why things happen as they do, in retrospect.
I’m so thankful for our little Isaiah, who is not so little anymore. I try to savour every moment, because it’s so fleeting – but I’m so excited about what’s in store!


Thank you to my niece for these pictures! Love you Nush!
Thank you for coming by!

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