On My Mind: House Stuff

Top: Mr Price; Skirt: Meltz; Shoes: Legit; Bag: Forever New
Neckpiece: Zuri; Sunglasses: Gifted Ray Ban
I had an early start today, and so I pulled out a quick look with stripes (inspired by Laiqah). You can’t go wrong with stripes. It’s a staple. At least around here it is.
We’ve been renovating our new home, and it feels like it is taking forever. Of course, there is lots we’ve already done, but the excitement has me counting the days. We’ve knocked down the entire kitchen wall, creating an open plan space – but, would. you. imagine. I didn’t take any before pictures?! I only started taking pictures once the chaos begun! The kitchen was nice and well kept, just not our taste. Now that we’re changing it, I cannot wait to get the dream kitchen. It has been on my list forever!
Apart from the kitchen, we’re doing lots of other work too. We’re blessed. My dad is heading up (and phyically doing most of) the work.
Hopefully my camera will tag along as things progress, and I will do a post (or a few) if you’re keen. Looking back at earlier posts, I used to post so often about decor, and maybe now that I have a few home projects to tackle I will have something to post again!
Anyway, if you’ve blogged about your own projects at home, I’d love to see. Leave a link for me!

Thanks for coming by!

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