Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Dress: Henry Holland for Mr Price; Bag: Mr Price
Shoes: Gifted; Earrings: YDE 
Weekends are reserved for watching paint dry. Literally.
Post breastfeeding breasts. I’ll need to stock up on size 0. Sob.
This hair. Growing it through this terribly awkward stage is horrible.
Waking up to baby poo, all. over. your. arm.
…Yup. Isaiah still refuses to stay in his cot.
Finding out that the leftover food is off, after eating it.
Asking for a discount.
Seeing the results of the renovation.
Finding the dream sink, for my dream kitchen.
An errand I’m happy to check off my list this week: getting material for the walk-in-closet. Ok, I have to share it with Husband, but it’ll do.
Chicken Licken. Missed this.
Make-up free days.
Looking around your parents’ house picking out furniture. Ha!
Getting a discount.


Thank you for coming by.

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