Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Jeans: Topshop; Top & Neckpiece: Mr Price; Shoes: Zara
I need to stop with the crop. Obsessed.
Isaiah smelling my feet. Dude. That’s a little too close!
This hair. Really. I think I’m going to cut one. last. time.
My 12-year-old niece loves these jeans.
In heels, nine to nine.
Returning things to a store, wearing your don’t mess with me face when really, you’re hoping inside.
Isaiah smelling his own feet. That wrinkled up nose is the cutest!
The house to-do list is getting shorter.
Walk-in closet design. I’m not a designer but yes, this I can do!
Easter eggs.
Clothing swap on the way!
My 12-year-old niece loves these jeans. Let me tell you, her style is awesome.
Thank you for coming by. What’s been awkward & awesome on your end?

One comment

  1. For me:

    Awkward is: watching reruns of Jerseylicious while my husband naps next to me, and he wakes up – mid episode to tell me to change because “these people have been shouting for 20 minutes now”, and then, he goes back to sleep lol

    Awesome is: Reruns of Jerseylicious after a Sunday nap


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