Friday Favourite

Meet Crystal. I discovered the beautiful New Hipster blogger via Instagram (because that’s where fashion people live!), and had to share her style with you.

Why’d you start blogging?
 I started blogging to express my love and passion for fashion in my own unique way. I have always loved the whole fashion experience from going shopping, coming home and playing dress-up, my blog is the perfect place to share these experiences and hopefully inspire someone along the way.
What’s your “day job”?
Up until last year I was a Marketing student, and this year I am proud to say that I am a Btech Marketing graduate. I have recently decided to dedicate this year to taking a more businesslike approach to my blog, and to also grow myself within the fashion industry.
What’s your style inspiration?
 Generally my style is always evolving but I would say that I tend to gravitate to simpler, effortless, edgy styles.
People say fashion is frivolous – what do you say to that?
 I guess fashion is seen as frivolous when people quantify it in terms of wants rather than needs, such as owning high end branded fashion garments and accessories to boost their social status. I personally believe fashion is an art and a way of expressing oneself creatively. Many a folk have created successful careers in the fashion industry, which is extremely wide offering a variety of job opportunities for people. Being in the fashion industry requires you to use your brain as well as to implement certain skills to succeed just as you would in any other profession. So I don’t see it as being frivolous in this sense.
They also have some nasty things to say about bloggers – care to defend the blogosphere?
 I have no idea of the nasty things that are being said about bloggers as I am still fairly new to this environment. I have no idea what people’s motivations are for blogging, but I personally blog because fashion is my passion and blogging is a great platform to share this passion with others.
Who are your favourite bloggers?
 I have a really long list but if I were to choose a few it would be Karla Deras from Karla’s closet, the ladies from TGether blog, Aimee Song from Song of style, Ashley Madekwe from Ring my bell and Nicole Warne from Gary pepper vintage.
What are some of the life issues you feel strongly about?
 Poverty and education.
What is your encouragement to women, to achieve success in any area?
 I am currently still finding myself and figuring out exactly what it is that I want to do moving forward within the fashion industry. I personally think this step is quite important in one’s personal development. It is very crucial to do something you love which holds a strong importance to you; this way you already have the necessary motivation, drive and willingness to work extremely hard to achieve your dreams as well as future success.
Besides blogging, what’s your piece of heaven on earth?
 Spending time with my beautiful children and amazing husband. These three monkeys are my life and without them my life would have no meaning. They’re my best friends and whom i do everything with.
What do you love about Joburg?
 I love Johannesburg for its rich diversity in terms of colour and culture. I love the crazy hustle and bustle of the city; to me Johannesburg is one of those cities that never sleeps it kind of reminds me of New York.
And South Africa?
I love South Africa for its beauty, spectacular scenery, glorious weather as well as our beautiful diverse cultures.

Check out her blog, here.

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