Awkward & Awesome Wednesday

Denim Pinafore: Mr Price; Top: Pure; Shoes: Legit; Neckpiece: MSC
House clothes overload. Sorry. It’s either unexciting outfits, or no blog posts. Lose-lose situation happening over here.
My side of the bed has been reduced to about 30cm thanks to a certain one year old who is trying to take over our bed. Dude, you seriously need to get a room. Ha.
My brother says I have about 111 pairs of shoes. He counted. He missed a few.
“Hi you’re speaking to Nastassja.” “Oh Natasha.” Ok that’s fine too (not really).
Isaiah’s walking! He’s been walking along the furniture, and tugging us to walk with him forever now, but today he walked a zillion steps – over and over again. I’m done carrying all that weight (I know, not yet).
Last bit of renovating happening this weekend.
A coke bigger than 2ltr? Bring it.
Rediscovering my favourite shoes and clothing.
Walk-in closet plans. ‘

Thank you for coming by!

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