Thaba Eco Hotel High Tea (Review)

I was recently invited to High Tea by Thaba Eco Hotel (formally known as Thaba Ya Batswana), south of Joburg. I’ve always heard good things about the hotel, so when I heard about their High Tea I grabbed the chance!
I went with my good friends, Verna and Cherrie (who you don’t even get a glimpse of because we didn’t take any pictures – the shame!). It was an excellent opportunity to catch up, and eat up!
We were welcomed by Thaba’s friendly staff, and taken to their cafe. The venue where High Tea is held is small and cosy, but opens up to a deck where I imagine Summer days are beautiful! The views are spectacular.
I’m not a coffee girl, but come Winter I indulge so that was the first thing to do – get some good coffee!
We watched eagerly as treat after treat was brought into the room – tarts, cakes, savouries. The presentation was beautiful. But most importantly, everything tasted really good. My absolute favourite is their mini burgers, both the chicken and beef.
I think High Tea at Thaba would be great for an intimite girly day, in celebration of something – or just because. I’ll definitely go back.


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