Legit Loves Denim – DIY

Legit sent me a DIY kit last week, along with a pair of their basic skinny jeans. The challenge was to create my own ripped jeans. Now I love projects – but when it comes to DIY’s, I’m not very good. It’s safe to say I was nervous – but so excited!
The great packaged kit contained awesome tools: a sewing pack, blade, glue (or sticky tape), a marker and sandpaper block. It also had an inspiration photo – the wild Rihanna in a pair of ripped (torn?) jeans.

I had an idea in mind, and so I made a few guidelines with the marker – where I thought I’d make subtle rips. But it was so safe, and far from my inspiration. I had always been afraid of the torn, holey look – but I was willing to try it with this challenge, so I kept ripping! Eventually I put my jeans on and survived an entire day out (but felt a little naked).
I returned to my project the next day and gathered scraps of denim, and started patching (yay for the sewing pack!). That’s the beauty of this DIY, you can change the plan as you go along.
When I was satisfied, I roughed up the edges with the sandpaper block, to make it a little untidy and unintentional.

Here’s the outcome:
Jeans, Neckpiece & Sunglasses: Legit; Top & Rings: Woolworths
Cardigan: Cotton On; Shoes: Sam Star at Egality
IPad bag as Clutch: Topshop; Bracelets: Aldo
Watch: Michael Kors

I really loved this challenge, so thank you Legit. I’m definitely going to try this again (and may even transform these jeans further, as I build up the courage).


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