Sneak Peek: Closet

There are still a few small things we need to do before it’s complete (then the constant styling and reworking begins!), but I’m so pleased with the closet progress. We were fortunate enough to have bought a house with a huge master bedroom, so we made most of it the closet, ha!
It’s a his & hers space, with a wall about 5 meters each. Here are my favourite elements of the space:
We got an ottoman for the shoe area – perfect for putting on your shoes – I just sit there and look at my shoes!
This is the shoe closet. My happy place, of course. Only heels and boots are kept here. Flats have a spot in the clothing section of the closet. 
I wish I could double its size, and have a good view of each pair! But yes, that’s ridiculous – and there are more important things in life, I know!
I got rid of a lot of shoes, and I’m trying to accumulate less. This is my vice, and I’m trying to challenge myself to buy less! And when I do shop, I want to be more thoughtful – quality over quanity, you know.

I squeezed in a dresser in front of the window, where the best light is.

We’ve created a section for bags, and my favourites are the clutches.

This mannequin may just move out soon – but she adds some shop-appeal in the meantime.

Look out for the full reveal soon.
This has always been a dream for me. Dreams come true. Be inspired!


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