Mr P Dress; Woolworths Tights; Cotton On Cardigan & Beanie; Zoom Shoes
Blackcherry Handbag; Forever New Sunglasses; Michael Kors Watch
Neckpiece, Cuff & Rings c/o Zuri

My style has evolved somewhat – it’s a lot more casual and, I like to think, edgy. It’s amazing how our style changes!
When it comes to accessories, I went through a statement necklace phase thanks to Zuri, then known as Sass Diva. I practically lived there, bagging the latest piece.
Despite the on-going obsession with a great statement piece (you have got to see the amazing pieces in store now), I often turn to the basics – like this basic bar neck piece. It’s a great piece for a night out, but its simplicity works especially well with a casual look like this one. I layered clothing pieces so simple jewelry works great. Besides, the chunky cuff really is the star of the show. I paired it with my man-watch for extra edge. I absolutely adore it!
These days, I hardly leave home without a couple of midi rings – it’s my latest obsession. I love these quirky rings from Zuri. I think it completes this look perfectly.
Tomorrow I may be obsessed with something else altogether. My style is also very likely to evolve some more – but what I love about accessories, each piece is interpreted differently depending on personal style so I’m sure to rework these accessories as my style continues to develop.

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