Mrs Rogero – 4 Years Old today.

Today Mrs Rogero is four years old. When I first started this blog, I didn’t imagine that I would be here years later – and here I am, more passionate about this blog than ever before.
I started this blog out of my love for the magazine industry. The content. The beautiful pictures. I grew up loving it all. Truthfully, I had always wanted to be a magazine girl. I wanted to write. I remember the day I enrolled at University, for a Journalism Degree. Intentionally, I majored in English. Just months before I’d complete my studies, I got an opportunity to intern at Elle, Cape Town. This was it. I couldn’t believe it was happening.
Now, head to Cape Town and start an exciting journey in the industry I had dreamt of, or stay in Joburg and finish my studies? I stayed. It seems so boring – like I gave up a big adventure – but I have no regrets.
Before I could even graduate, I started interning at the SABC – where my love for the Arts developed. I managed to spend most of my time at Weekend Live (Morning Live on the Weekend), the best place for my kind of Journo. I was around creative people who only produced beautiful work. And their interests were my interests. There was music. There was dance. Creators. Passion. There was also fashion. The Arts industry is so alive. This was the best place for me. I learned so much. Integrity. Life. Hard work. Lots of hard work. Saturdays that started at 5am (4am, unofficially). I appreciate that I wasn’t treated like the intern, but a Journalist with real weight to carry in the office. I watched Tumi Sedumedi, the young Arts Journalist who lived and breathed this stuff, and I learned about sacrifice.
By default, I was in television – and remained there even after I had left the SABC. Then in 2010, I started this blog – because my itch for sharing my love for fashion, decor, and other personal interests lingered. I wanted to write more. I wanted to inspire.
It was never meant to be a personal style blog. In fact, I didn’t know that existed. I remember stumbling across an international fashion blog and there it was – shameless outfit posts. Suddenly it was okay. And my #ootd posts started. Little did I know there were others too – right here. That didn’t make me feel any less naked, however. Showing off an outfit still feels awkward and superficial. I know though, and my days at Weekend Live have taught me – fashion is not superficial or frivolous. It’s art. And blood, sweat and tears are literally invested in beautiful clothing. And clothing have the power to tell the world who you are. It’s just the way it is.
I love that power.
And I love the power of this blog. I receive emails from you, dear reader, and I know that someone else appreciates these pages of awkward poses. But honestly, if no one was reading – I’d still blog. Because really, I do it for me. I’m my own Editor. My mood is visually written all over these pages. And sometimes I even write words.
Having you read is the cherry on the cake. It really is. Having someone appreciate something so personal is amazing. So thank you. Thank you reader, and thank you brand who I already love, yet you seek me. Thank you everyone. You’ve been there through all my precious moments.
You’ve seen my first post – a fashion post, proving the heart of this blog.
According to my stats, you love my piece on meeting Sandra Laing, the black white girl – and yet, there’s zero fashion there.
You’ve seen me get married, and this post is your favourite.
You’ve seen me decorate my first home.

…and joined us as we celebrated our first Wedding Anniversary.

You were also there when I shared the news: our first pregnancy.

…and growing bump.

Possibly the highlight of our lives, we met our boy, Isaiah. And again, you were there.

So thank you. You’ve supported Mrs Rogero through exhilerating highs. Happy 4th Birthday to us 🙂
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  1. Awesome post – It perfectly details important milestones which you have allowed us to get a peek of. Your personal style and writing style has also evolved immensely. Thank you and keep up the great blog!


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