Wedding Season: Outfit Ideas (with Zuri Jewellery)

Wedding season is upon us, and so I thought I’d share a few outfit ideas. I put together three looks that would be suitable for a formal, cocktail & traditional wedding. These looks are interchangeable and are all suitable for most weddings.
As a general rule, avoid wearing white or off-white (including ivory, cream etc.) – and check what is not allowed for any traditional wedding.
If you’re heading to a garden wedding, opt for a thicker heel, or wedges – to avoid your stilettos getting stuck in the ground!
Look 1. The Formal Wedding.
When I get any event invitation and the dress code is formal, I almost always go for a black dress. Black is just safe – it’s always appropriate for a formal event, and you’ll never be overdressed either. I pulled out a maxi dress (because short dresses aren’t tranditionally formal, but that has changed of course), and paired it with pinkish nudes. Because the dress is halter neck, I opted for dangly pearl earrings from Zuri and no neck piece. These earrings are a nice twist to the classic pearl.
Pure Dress; Charles & Keith Shoes; Miss Boss Bag

Look 2. The Cocktail Wedding
The cocktail dress is probably the most popular for a wedding, because it’s appropriate come day and night. This look would work for a formal event too. The striking red is fun, and no longer faux pas for a wedding. I paired the dress with a vintage bag, studded heels and edgy jewellery from Zuri.
Pure Dress; Zara Shoes; Vintage Bag
Look 3. The Traditional [African] Wedding
Now, I’ve never been to an African wedding but I’d grab the chance to dress up a little, even if it’s not expected of the guests. I’m wearing a midi skirt in an african print, paired with an over-the-top head scarf. You can play it safe and tie the scarf in a more subtle manner too. I paired the skirt with a black bodysuit and vintage bag, and wedges. A simple choker with white pearl and pearl earrings, both from Zuri, complete the look.

Custom Skirt & Scarf; Mr Price Bodysuit; Melissa Shoes; Vintage Bag

 What is your favourite look?
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  1. I love your love for fashion! I cannot choose a favourite as each outfit has it's merits. Your choice of jewellery complements each outfit beautifully. Note to self: Go check out Pure!!!


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