WIN: Statement Jewellery with Zuri

Edgars Skirt; Pure Top; Topshop Shoes; Zuri Jewellery
Mr Price Sunglasses; China Town Bag
In light of Heritage Day coming up, Zuri has asked a few bloggers to pick some jewellery pieces – and put together a look, from colours of the South African flag. I love South Africa for it’s beautiful diversity, and I’m so proud of my heritage.
I’m working with red and I chose this striking red neck piece, paired with a chunky silver ring and cuff.


If you’d like to WIN these amazing pieces, enter in any of the following ways:
Follow this blog (via google friend connect, bloglovin or email subcription) and comment on this post, telling me why you love South Africa.
Follow Mrs Rogero & Zuri on twitter, and tweet why you love South Africa  (don’t forget to mention us! #winwithmrsrogeroandzuri)
Like the Mrs Rogero & Zuri Facebook page, and leave a comment on my page, telling me why you love South Africa.
Look out on my Instagram page, to enter via Instagram.
Enter on all platforms for extra draw entries.
The Winner will be announced on Heritage Day next week!
SA residents only.


  1. I love your grey compilation 🙂 xxx

    I have liked the FB pages, followed your blog, and followed you and Zuri on Twitter, and tweeted!

    I love South Africa because visiting any beach, city and old town reminds me that all that I see exists here at home in one place, and never ceases to amaze it's own citizens of it's beauty, and more.

    I also love it here because as an Afghan-South African with a multi-ethnic and multicultural family, it's one of the most socially accepting countries, a thing we should celebrate and cherish, especially with heritage day coming up!



  2. South Africa, a world in one country, with spectacular landscapes, natural beauty and a wide variety of sightseeing. We are a vibrant nation, a nation with a sense of humour and a determination to succeed. Our diversity ensures continual excitement and provides a richness to our culture and our heritage. We have our own music styles, our own dance styles – even our own movie industry. I have liked the FaceBook pages, followed your blog, and followed you and Zuri on Twitter and I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)! Fingers crossed!


  3. My top 11 reasons why I love our beautiful country South Africa
    1. Our constitution – one of the most liberal and free constitutions in the world
    2. Shopping at the robots – anything from hats to wire art up for grabs
    3. Braais – who else celebrates a national braai day?
    4. 8 World Heritage Sites
    5. Taxis – where would we be without all that Bass?
    6. The toyi-toyi – because nobody dances quite like an oppressed or celebrating African
    7. Sunshine! And a lot of it…you don’t find blue skies like this in Europe, or Canada, or New Zealand.
    8. Bushveld – big 5 country, a vast expanse of acacia trees, dry sand, the occasional water hole, the sighting of elephant, buffalo, wildebeest, zebra, lion…
    9. Bunny chows – Durban‘s famous hollowed out half loaves stuffed with curry is half the reason people return home
    10. Table Mountain – one of the most recognisable icons, and one of the oldest mountains in the world
    11. Incredible landscapes – the Drakensberg, the Tsitsikamma, the Karoo, the Panorama Route, and innumerable mountain passes


  4. Rehana Seedat email: South Africa bubbles with wonderful, culturally diverse people. A colourful array of different foods, religions, beliefs and traditions are blended together to make up the amazing nation. South Africa has many challenges, but that’s what makes it exciting to be here. To be part of facing these challenges and (re)building a country. The people – ALL the people – are just great.
    Where else in the world can you go from Oceans and Mountains, through beautiful vineyards and into arid desert, from open bushveld, to tropical forest. Where else can you find such a diversity of people that 11 official languages are required. Here’s to the glorious South African sunsets and the great blue African skies. Here’s to the rich wildlife and the friendly, happy people. Here’s to melktert and koeksusters, mampoer, bobotie, sosaties, amasi, isidudu, chutney and bunny chow, vetkeok and malva pudding. Here’s to a melting pot of cultures, coming together. I can think of nothing better than waking up in the morning and going on a game drive in the cool morning air. It is amazing living in a country where there are people from so many different races and religion & living in a country that you know has gone through a lot and come out better for it. South Africa has some of the nicest beaches in the world. 2010 FIFA World Cup held in South Africa was one of the best world cups ever. It showed that as South Africans we could come together and do something great! We are one of the greatest sporting nations in the world.and we have one of the best climates in the world.There is a variety of amazing holiday destinations on your doorstep. South Africa is a country rich with resources, cultures and geographies and few countries the size of South Africa can boast such diversity. But none of this matters, if it doesn’t feel like home, and that's why I love SA and am proud to be a South African, because S.A. is home to me. This is the home of ubuntu. For those of you who don't know, it basically means a spirit of community and sharing and kindness. South Africa is a unique and beautiful coutnry, and I'm proud to be part of the diversity in people & culture.Love S.A I have liked the FaceBook pages, followed your blog, and followed you and Zuri on Twitter and I have shared this giveaway on Twitter @rehanaseedat


  5. I love South Africa because I am a South African, born in KZN raised on those sun drenched beaches, meeting friends of different cultures, sharing a good old fashioned braai, with mielies only we know how to cook, melktert for dessert. I love the jewellry those ladies create from beads & string from their hearts, sunrises to die for with a matching breath taking sunset to close the day, I would never be anywhere else for all the money in the world, we have so much to offer , not everything can be bought with money, some things you have because you appreciate people & who they really are naturally, isnt that what real life is about.


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