Motherhood Monday

Isaiah is nearly 19-months-old. I don’t know how that happened so quickly! You hear parents say that all the time, but it really is true. The best way to prove time flies is to have a baby!
In this post, I’d like to reflect on a couple of things having a child has taught me:
Personal space is a luxury. And so is the privacy of your navel (don’t let them see it!).
Mash potato, in minutes. You’ll learn every short cut when potato is your child’s favourite food.
How to have a 2-minute bath.
…and change a nappy in the dark.
It’s ok to put a towel on the wet sheet and go back to sleep.
…but you may have to get up at 2am to change their wet clothing.
I have a talent for song-writing and story telling. Or, kids are easily entertained by weird noises and animated faces.
How to sleep with a foot in your mouth face.
I’ve learned a different language. It’s between Chinese and French. It’s baby.
On  a serious note (don’t disregard the above, however), having a child has taught me a love more selfless than I could imagine. I think I may even know the kind of love that you lay your life down for. A Jesus love.
I’m very impatient by nature, but having a child will alter even your nature.
I’ve learned that we need to focus on the simple things – the elaborate sometimes distract us from the important things in this life.
I’ve learned so much.  It’s been incredible, and I thank God for the blessing.



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