Dress for Slimmer Thighs

Mr Price Dress & Boots; Woolworths Bag, Jacket & Scarf; Neckpiece c/o Skip
Knowing your body shape – and identifying what you love (and don’t love so much) can help you develop great body confidence. The trick is to know what you’ve got, and what you want to highlight, or downplay. That’s the beauty of illusion dressing.
It’s all about proportion. Are you widest at the shoulders? The hips? Thighs? Or does your wide waist steal the show?
I’m the typical South African woman – and my thighs are widest. A-line cuts, and fit and flare dresses like this one work well to slim down my thighs. It also helps to add bulk on top (like this turban, jacket and neck piece), for balance.
Now, I mostly wear what I like, irrespective of my shape, but knowing my formula is great. We all have body parts we don’t like so much, and knowing how to use clothing is a great tool to boost your confidence – and that matters. 



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