Coffee Table Styling

It’s easy to let the coffee table catch keys, remote controls and other odd items – but this piece is a focal point in any room so it’s worth styling just as you would every other part of the house. One of the easiest ways to switch up a room is to rework the coffee table – it’s an affordable way to bring something fresh into a space. Here is how I’ve styled the coffee table in our lounge.

The house has lots of modern elements, especially with the use of white, so it’s nice to have a coffee table in wood to break it up a little. I’ve also kept the styling pretty neutral and earthy.

White lantern from @ Home

@ Home White Ladder & Cushions; Coricraft Couch

Old desk shortened into coffee table inherited from my mother!
Woolworths tray.


Old Plate, from Husband’s pad.
Old Jars from Husband’s bachelor pad, pre-me 🙂
Including a mix of the following items makes your coffee table appealing: tray, decorative item like a vase, jar, plate or interesting piece, natural element (flowers, or a mix of texture, colour etc.), candles and books you’d enjoy paging through. I’m learning to mix it up and play with different colours, textures and heights,
The point is to make your home inviting, and relaxed – for your guests, and for you to enjoy!
The pieces on my coffee table are mostly old. The tray was the most recent buy, from Woolworths. Below I’ve gathered similar items if you’d like to recreate this look. The items are listed with links.
Clockwise: Mr Price Home Plate; @Home Jar; Woolworths Bird Cage; @Home Tray
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  1. I was wondering how do you keep lil one from messing up your coffee table decor, I don't have anything on my coffee table and dining room table only before they will go nuts with the decor and is have to re arrange the decor like a million times a day x


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