28th Birthday

I’m 28 today!
Birthdays are a big deal for me, and we’ve sort of made a tradition of dedicating an entire month to celebrate birthdays in my household. Being the ultimate spoiler, my Husband got me loads of
birthday treats – but more than physical gifts, I’m so thankful for the people in my life that make life so much sweeter. I lost my maternal grandmother this week, and the pain of losing someone always reminds me how precious life is. I’m so grateful for life and I never want to take it for granted. 
I thought I’d list 28 life lessons I’ve accumulated so far, as I remember them. Well done if you reach the end!
1. You don’t need a dozen friends.
My dad was right. A small circle of quality friends is all your need.

2. Hair grows back. You want to cut it? Go ahead.

3. Stay in your lane.
Comparison really is the thief of joy.

4. It takes two to tango.
Invest in relationships as much as (if not more than) you take.

5. Money doesn’t make you.
When it comes to style, or image, or anything really, it’s not about the money. Character counts.

6. Black is always a good idea.

8. Back-to-back episodes of series trumps flashy nights out.

9. Chocolate, always, and chocolate flavoured everything.

10. The way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach.
(And thank God for that.)

11. Being nice to people is always a good idea.
Just be nice.

12. Pay a compliment.
If you’re thinking something nice about someone, it’s a great feeling to let them know (and it might make their day).

13. If you can afford it, these are the things worth investing in, for your wedding day: venue, food, photography. If the budget’s tight, a simple dress over a flashy one. Cheap looks cheap.

14. Ask for help.

15. Clothes don’t make the man, but it’s a nice touch.

16. If you’re not a pet person, don’t get a pet.

17. Say please and thank you.

18. Choose your battles.
If it’s not worth it, don’t make a fuss.

19. Education is important.
But smart people aren’t always educated.

20. Drink more water.

21. Quality shoes over quantity. Ha! I’m still learning…

22. Respect the Cleaner and the CEO just the same.

23. Lemon juice cleans stained nails.
And other stuff I’m sure.

24. If you don’t want a toddler sleeping in your bed, don’t let a baby.

25. Style is personal.
Everyone has it, you just have to find yours.

26. Buy toilet paper in bulk.

27. When two become one, that’s priority.
My husband is my best friend, and I don’t recommend any other way.

28. Hanging onto Jesus will see you through. Every. single. time.

Mr P x Henry Holland Dress; Converse All Stars; Vogue sunglasses via Sunglass Hut; Gifted Bangles & Clutch
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