Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick: Latte Matte

I love a good nude lip, so when I first discovered this matte lipstick by Smashbox I fell in love. Now, nude is very subjective as what works as a nude for me may not be the case with you – but I think this

colour would work well on most skin tones as it’s a little darker than the whitish nudes. Forgive my colour references, because I don’t really know how to describe this one. I think it’s on the peachy brick side.
This colour blends in with my skin tone, so it is perfect to pair with dramatic eyes or extra rosy cheeks. A nude is also great if you want that off-duty look but still look put together.
Of course, I love that it’s matte but you could easily wear it with clear gloss if you prefer some shine. It has smooth application and is surprisingly creamy – it doesn’t cake at all. It does tend to settle in the lip creases so I tend to smack my lips throughout the day to refresh it.

I love the simple packaging, and the lid is quite tight so it won’t come off in your bag and have a lipstick party in there!

At R220, it’s pricey but it’s really long-wearing so it will go the distance and give you value for money. I got it from Woolworths.

See this outfit post, here.


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