Live More With Less

I’ve wanted to downsize my wardrobe for a long time. Maybe it’s since reading this line from Nina

Garcia’s book, The Little Black Book of Style: “I cannot believe one can dress well when you have so much”. This simple truth struck a chord with me because I really do believe you dress better if you’re making every piece work, and there’s no way you can get good wear out of an item if you have lots of clothes.

So finally I’ve decided to move towards having less. Now, I’ll never be a minimalist; I have no desire to live with only 30 pieces. And, I’m not going to stop shopping altogether. Just no. But I do know that I hate that my wardrobe overflows – I love getting dressed and being overwhelmed by lots of stuff doesn’t make the process enjoyable.
More importantly, I’d like to build a smaller wardrobe because the idea of always wanting more more more is horrible. Quite frankly, it’s greedy and it’s ugly. And, I want to be better dressed!
Here’s how I plan on getting to a smaller, more effective wardrobe:
Edit. I’m going to edit what I already own, and be brutally honest. Of course I seasonally edit my wardrobe, and I’m pretty good at getting rid of stuff, but this time I’m going to be even more brutal with the goal of downsizing. I’ll keep what fits, flatters and represents my style and image but more importantly, I’ll only keep what I love. The goal is to have a wardrobe that consists mainly of timeless pieces, and just a portion of trendy items.
Incentive. I’ll implement an incentive for editing. For every  x amount of pieces purged, I’ll reward myself with a new piece that will really add to my wardrobe (like the great black tailored pants I’m yet to own) or maybe I’ll sell pieces purged to ease the guilt of all the money spent!
Change Shopping Habits. Here’s where I have to train myself to be a more conscious shopper. It means limiting impulse buys, buying with intention, and buying smarter (even if it means one pricier quality item over 10 cheap finds). Again, I’m already pretty good at this (shoes are my downfall!), but I need to become a lot more thoughtful about my shopping and resist fast, cheap buys.
One In, One Out. I started implementing this idea a while ago, really because I had run out of shoe space and didn’t stop buying shoes, so I made a deal with myself – for every new pair bought, I’ll edit and get rid of a pair. Now, this may not always be possible with clothing since I aim to build a good wardrobe (after excessive editing), so will buy pieces that really add to my wardrobe.
This week I started editing my tops, and today I worked through my dresses which was really tough because I love a great dress – I’m surprised at the progress I made though. I tried things on and was honest about how much stomach tightening is required (ha!) and then, I let it go. And let me tell you, there’s freedom in letting go…







To be continued…

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