Beauty Faves

I’m not the kind of girl that has a lengthy beauty routine, or a dozen products I use daily – but there are certain things I just always do. Like lipstick. Or blush. And, most recently, brows.
Here are my current favourite makeup products, and I’ll tell you why.
I love this matte lipstick by Mac, called Flat Out Fabulous. It’s a purple pink, and it’s gorgeous! I’m certain it will suit everyone. It offers just the right amount of pop, without being obnoxious. I think you may need this.
When I told my mom I just got a Chanel blush with my Christmas gift card, she didn’t get it. Over R500 is costly for blush, but it’s a small price to pay for the value I get from this one. I wanted a peachy colour and went for this one, Reflex 82. It offers great shimmer and brilliant glow, great for day time or date night.
Like the Chanel blush, this Smashbox bronzer (Sunkissed matte) is a great product for some glow. I use it as a blush and here and there (like my decolletage). It’s a great day-off makeup trick because it’s unobtrusive but pretty.
Bronze is clearly a hit right now, because this Rimmel eye shadow (006 Bronze Magnate) is on repeat.
Qaanita introduced this highlighter pen to me. I use it above my blush on my cheek bones and down my nose for natural definition.
Finally, Arlene got me this Essence brow pencil (have you seen her brows?!) – and it’s pretty easy to use. I alternate between pencils and brown eyeshadow as filler, but I’ve been using this one a lot lately and it masks gaps perfectly.
I hope you enjoyed this list. What are your current faves?
Happy weekend!

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