Stay In Your Lane

How often do we compare ourselves to others? I’m either not thin enough, because, look at Jane! Or, I’m not that pretty. A big one, which often results in accusation against God (because he owes us) – look what they have! My house isn’t big enough, I don’t have all that money, or my job is not important enough. I’m faithful, I’m praying, but God’s not hearing me!

I’m no expert, but I know what works for me. The phrase stay in  your lane reminds me that I have a specific purpose. Sometimes it feels like growth isn’t happening fast enough, or not happening at all – and I’m not just talking about physical growth (because that doesn’t even matter, but that’s a whole other topic). Maybe you’re not as funny as your neighbour, and not as popular. Maybe you’re not a straight A student. Or, maybe you’re seriously ill while others are just fine…
Your journey will never be the same as the next person. When we learn to appreciate that we were carefully mastered into existence, we’re able to value ourselves and develop a desire to live our purpose. And that’s my point. There may be a thousand distractions, but let’s focus on living our purpose. You have a purpose and it’s unlike anyone else’s. When you get that, you are able to celebrate the victories of others, you’re able to give a compliment, and you’re able to look at the lives of others without disregard for your own. When others are celebrating, we should be able to celebrate too. When others are hurting, our compassion will cause us to hurt a little too. I think it makes us human. We’re often selfish, and concerned about our own progress. But because we’re human, we’re on the same team – so let’s cheer each other on.

When you know you have purpose unlike anyone else’s, you’re not threatened – you realize that it’s not a competition – and you stay in your lane.

Legit Dress & Shoes; Sowearto Bag; Mr P Hat; Zuri Bracelets; Ray Ban Sunglasses via Sunglass Hut; Mac Pander Me Lipstick
See how else I’ve worn this dress, here.


  1. Just yesterday I brought up the topic about how am I suppose to celebrate life you just gave me an an answer to my to a very confused lady:((((…love the outfit toooooo


  2. This post was so on point! I feel it definitely needs to be featured somewhere so that men, women and kids who can comprehend what you're saying can really sit up and listen to the words of a true philosopher.

    I love the concept of staying in your lane and how you've taken such a negative connotation and really turned it on it's head. I appreciate your posts for what they are, REAL and hope to experience many more profound awakenings through your words.


  3. Thank you so much hun. I'm glad it's taken in the same attitude with which I wrote it. I don't write often, as you know – but I do enjoy it and will offer some food for thought as and when I feel I have something valuable to offer. Thanks for reading!


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