Bookshelf Styling Tips

This bookshelf is one of the first things my dad made for our home. I saw a similar idea in a magazine a few years ago (a bookshelf around the mounted TV), and he made it practically identical. When we moved from our little townhouse, this bookshelf came right along with us. We had to re-size it to fit this wall, but we love it just the same.
While I’m still playing around with bookshelf styling, here are a few tips that help me keep our bookshelf fun and chic.

1. Style books vertically and horizontally – mix things up to keep it interesting.
2. Group similar books together. Just because it’s practical, I try to group books by type (novels, textbooks, motivational, magazines etc.).
3. Bring in decorative items. Vases, jars and other decorative items add interest and make the shelf more appealing. Try to group similar items together so it doesn’t look too crazy (I have a lot of pairs). Include things that represent your personal style, like our shopping trolley (we love shopping!). I got it for Isaiah because he loves a trolley, but it’s too small now so I’ve just incorporated it into the decor – and it’s a great conversation piece!
4. Pop of colour. While I like to keep things white because I’m mildly obsessed with white, I’ve added pops of colour here and there. You could even sort your books by colour and let them make a statement – but I’m not quite as patient to do that.
5. Use art. Include framed pieces and canvas art on your shelves. Pairing art with other decorative pieces and books add dimension, and dimension is good.
6. Keep it clean. I clean up and rework the bookshelf often because it can become cluttered with stuff. The aim is to have it streamlined, and still have plenty of open space.










I’d say keep the bottom shelf kid-friendly, but it depends on the kid. This is where Isaiah watches TV, but he doesn’t cause too much chaos – he’s more interested in the remote!

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