Kryolan Lip Stain

I’ve been experimenting with a few liquid lipsticks, and picked this one up at Face It recently. It’s a

lip stain and, first things first, really stains your lips in terms of staying power. I wore this colour (Salsa) the other day and one layer applied in the morning lasted over 7 hours, through meals!

I love that it goes completely matte after a few minutes of application, because I prefer matte. Like most mattes, you do feel the product on your lips – but I didn’t find it drying.
What I really love is that there’s no cracking or feathering; it feels moist instead.
This is a great colour. It’s easy to wear because it’s bold but not too bright. It will probably work on every skin tone. What’s more, it’s really pigmented and you don’t need to pile on the product.
What I find tricky is the application, because I’m so used to applying lip colour straight from the tube. This lippie has a brush applicator, for precise application, and needs a steady hand.
Being a professional product, you can expect it to be pricey. Kryolan Lip Stain retails for over R300. Will I head back for more? Face It has a variety of 5 colours and I’m really curious about the nude, so I might just!

See how I wore Salsa in this outfit post.
Have you tried this product? What do you think about it?

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