Choosing Joy

The past few weeks have been challenging. Somewhere in the middle of this, Husband said to me,

“I’m sad for you, because you don’t usually let things get to you like this”. His words made me proud, because that attitude had always been intentional. It’s always been my desire to have joy, no matter what. Husband’s words also made me sad, because I felt like a little part of me was dying and I wanted my joy back. While you can’t go through life with your eyes closed – some things will affect you and hurt you, and even change you as you grow – I never want to let tough times affect my joy. It offers new perspective, possibility… there’s always hope – and that’s why I’m holding onto my joy.

Legit Dress; Blackcherry Bag; Gifted All Stars; Fashion Express Sunglasses DIY’d; Mr P Neckpiece

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