Around The House: 10 Ways to achieve Urban Style

My decor style is like my personal image – I incorporate trendy, ever changing elements into classic style. As a result, our home feels grown up but fresh and fun too. It’s essential that your home reflects who you are because you have to live there!

I try to strike a balance between classic and modern to achieve urban style. Here are a few ways that work for me:
Mix textures. I use lots of wood to “ground” a space and keep it classic, then I mix textures. I use plastic and other glossy finishes to modernise the classic feel.
Bring in antiques or old furniture. Mix up traditional furniture with modern pieces and breathe new life in the old.
Colour. I use lots of white but I enjoy pops of colour and different prints.
Open plan. Having an open plan space can be hard to decorate – but I find it easier if different zones flow into each other. Each area doesn’t have a different style, so it works well together. Avoid getting things as a set (like a lounge suite) or break up sets if you want a less traditional style. It’s also literally interchangeable so I am able to freshen things up just by moving things around.
Play. Incorporate fun elements into a space. We have a refurbished arcade game in the living area. While I do think I prefer it on the patio where most of the entertaining happens, it’s a fun element and represents us well. This may mean simply displaying those board games instead of having them take up space in a cupboard, or mounting your bike up on the entrance wall.
Shape. Consider unusual shapes like an odd shaped chair or rug to keep things interesting.

Seating. We really love chairs. Don’t be afraid to use chairs in hallways and awkward spaces. I think having a mix of different seating, whether it’s a leather couch or fun stools, creates the atmosphere we want. An urban space is welcoming and people-friendly – nothing says that like having lots of place to sit down.

Windows. Dressing your windows is a costly thing, but avoid the trends and opt for quality curtains and/or blinds, in a classic colour and style. This will keep things sophisticated.

Art. Balance between more traditional art, and modern pieces like canvas art.

Invest. Finally, invest in classic pieces and don’t splurge on trends in a hurry – just like you would with clothing. As an example, a throw in a trendy colour will cost you very little and you can always mix things up without breaking the bank.



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