I spoke at an event recently where there were loads of great prizes – literally everything the group

would love. One prize, an amazing selection of make-up worth so much, was simply in a little plastic bag. It was such a small detail, but I couldn’t help but notice as it was a great example of a very important point I wanted to talk about: the packaging doesn’t change the contents.
Now, I’m a huge advocate of being style conscious, as a celebration of your uniqueness. I think it’s very important to be thoughtful about your image, in your personal and professional life. The reality, however, is that presentation is not all that counts. What’s in your mind? What is in your heart? What’s inside still matters most, and you want to invest in who you are before you dress it up. Consider that simple plastic bag – it didn’t change the prize. Whatever your wrapping, it doesn’t change your worth.

Piccadilly Jeans; Jay Jay’s Shirt; Gifted Bag (Maybelline promo at Clicks); Charles & Keith Shoes; China Town Sunglasses


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