Stage Line H-Definition Cover

I am constantly changing my foundation, because I just haven’t found one that I am completely happy with. I don’t have perfectly clear skin (slight redness and small scars on bad days + visible pores every single day), and a big annoyance is that my skin is quite oily. Enter StageLine H – Definition Cover makeup – I think I may have found the perfect one for me.

I’ve never heard much about the brand before, but what a treasure. I’ve been wearing this foundation everyday since I first tried it a few days ago. Here’s what I’ve determined:
It’s really long-wearing. Just yesterday I did my makeup in the morning and off we were to church. I went all day, through lunch and went out late at night – I had planned on redoing my makeup but didn’t have to. It still looked good!
It offers great coverage. It smooths out my slightly uneven skin tone,  and makes my pores disappear. 
You get good coverage with very little product.
It doesn’t feel heavy. The makeup is dense, but not heavy. I wear makeup daily, and like that this is pretty lightweight.
It’s matte. I have an oily t-zone, and I’m constantly wiping or dabbing. I didn’t need to with this foundation as it stayed matte for most of the day. I used a Stage Line powder with it.
Application is easy. The first time I tried this out, I was intimidated because it’s not a liquid foundation like I’m used to. By day two, however, I was pretty confident. I applied it using my usual foundation brush.
It’s my colour. It is often difficult to find a foundation that really matches your skin tone – but I think the Spanish brand understands me. There is a variety of shades, from really fair to dark.
Glow. Maybe this makes no sense to you, but I feel like my skin glows – and I feel pretty, ha!
This is a list of Yay!s but I really can’t fault the foundation. These are the things that matter to me.
It retails for R333, and you may enquire about stockists from Heather here, or call 082 357 0609

These pictures were taken with the flash ON.


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