Stage Line Make Up Fixer

I’m typically a basics girl when it comes to makeup; I usually skip the prepping and priming – and I never even considered the fixing, until now. I first tried Stage Line Make Up Fixer a few weeks ago, and have really been using it nearly everyday ever since. In fact, this review is well overdue as I’ve never been as impressed with a product in a while.

My skin is quite oily, and this is a major factor when I consider any product. I thought adding a fixing spray to an already make up loaded face will just worsen oiliness, but this hasn’t been the case. What I love most is that it keeps make up from looking cakey and gives my skin an incredible, healthy glow – dewiness without the oil.
You can expect your makeup to last a good 8 hours with this spray. I’ve found that my makeup still looks fresh by supper time. Husband has even commented over supper a few times that my make up looks really nice and I know the spray has made all the difference. It has especially helped keep my eyeshadow and blush in place.
Application is simple. I give it one good spritz. It goes on wet but dries immediately without a sticky or uncomfortable feeling. I can’t feel it on my face at all!
The fixer is for all skin types and boasts an alcohol-free formula.
I suggest that you get in touch with Heather to get your hands on this product, here!



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