Mrs Rogero – Style Seminar

I’m so excited to host my first Style Seminar, a workshop for a limited number of women – on

Finding Your Personal Style. The workshop will cover body elements, colour and illusion dressing – to help you build a style you love. We’ll also address specific issues and questions from attendees.
We have great sponsors on board: Face it, 27 Pinkx, 27 Red – Stage Line Professional SA, Catrice & Black Cherry! Thanks to these awesome brands, we’ll have great giveaways and goodie bags. We also have cake Guru, Aamina on board – for the prettiest and yummiest treats! It’s going to be a real spoil.
While I’ve done many events, in the capacity of Image Consultant, I’ve never hosted my own – until now. I look forward to many events hereafter, but the first is set to be special. If you’d like to attend, book asap as seats are limited.
See you there!


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