First Trimester Style

The toughest part of pregnancy for me is the first trimester. Generally, this is the time you probably feel the most icky – and when it comes to getting dressed, I just want to stay in pyjamas all day! You

don’t look pregnant yet, but you’re bloated and just feel fat so it’s typically the time to hide your belly instead of show it off.
I’ve gathered some of my first trimester looks; pairing it with some tips and staples to feel good throughout your first trimester, at least as far as your style goes!
The key is to stay away from tight clothing and opt for flowy pieces instead. That doesn’t mean you have to live in a sack – just choose clever cuts that skim over your tummy.
The A-Line dress
This cut is great for that first trimester belly because it masks your tummy area and creates a slim waist.

The Shift Dress
Like the a-line, the shift dress skims over ‘fat’ areas. I love a shift dress whether I’m pregnant or not, but it’s especially great for the first trimester.
Low-Rise Jeans
This time around, I couldn’t fit into high waist jeans very early in my pregnancy but I knew that low-rise jeans wouldn’t betray me. It hangs low on the hips and doesn’t create ‘love handles’ or ‘muffin top’ around the bloated belly. Comfort is key during pregnancy so go for the jeans that fit super loose and low.

The Peplum
The peplum cut is perfect for a ‘fat’ belly because it creates a tiny waist but skims over the tummy area.
Loose Tops
The loose top is your friend during the first trimester. You don’t have to go for shapeless styles – reach for fun pieces that make you feel good despite the fact that it doesn’t hug your lady curves. Have fun layering your tops too as I did with the blue knit and shirt, taking the eye down to the hip (where the shirt peeks out) and away from the tummy. I lived in loose shirts during my first trimester.

Layer it
The more bloated you look and feel, the more layers you may want to add as it distracts from the belly. Consider blazers, cardigans and scarves. Lucky enough, I went through my first trimester in Winter so adding layers was natural. In the below pictures I definitely had a belly but hid it well by piling on the layers. Work with different textures, colours and prints.

The High-Waist Skirt
While I couldn’t fit into high-waist jeans anymore, a skirt was a different story. I wore skirts high in the waist, well above my tummy and no one knew my bloated belly existed!
Since announcing my pregnancy, I’ve had a lot of feedback from readers who are pregnant too so I hope this post has helped you. Once you’re in the second trimester the fashion fun really begins because you have a belly to show off! Enjoy this special time.

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