Grey Layers

At just halfway, I feel huge. I’m definitely much bigger than I was with my first pregnancy. While I

haven’t had daily morning sickness like I did the first time around, this time feels more difficult. The few days that I did have morning sickness were extreme, to the point where I was in bed all day – mostly because of severe headaches. And already, some days come with crazy pelvic pain that has me wobbling!
When it comes to cravings, I only realised after Isaiah that all the fruit I’ve been eating must have been cravings. I just wanted fruit. This time I want to eat all my usual favourites like pasta, burgers, hot wings, pizza and and and. I’m typically a junk food kinda girl, and this pregnancy has me wanting it all the time! I can’t say if these are cravings or just an excuse to indulge in the faves. I’ve had to resist sushi, though I want it sooo bad it must be a craving.
So far, everything has been quite different though it’s generally been an easy pregnancy just like the first.
We found out the baby’s gender weeks ago. Can you guess what we’re having? I know there are many old wives tales – I’d love to hear what you think?

19 weeks

Woolworths Pants & Coat; 32 Clothing Top; Banana Republic Vest from 32 Clothing; Foschini Hat
Blackcherry Bag (get it here!)


  1. Love the outfit. I may need to head to Woolies to get those pants.

    I ate veggie sushi during my pregnancy to sort of fulfil that craving…

    My guess is a girl due to the lack of consistent morning sickness. Like you I had crazy morning sickness (all day sickness) everyday during my first trimester and a little into my second, and I had a boy.


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