Pure Hooded Jacket

 A day away from 22 weeks pregnant, I have loads of aches and pains. I joked with Husband last

night that this time I’m really pregnant. I feel like I’ve had every symptom imaginable, including the most recent weird body pains and other gross stuff I will spare you the details of. I’ve had hectic breakouts, and makeup has been working overtime. That glow? Not me. Just Essence So Glow highlighter, ha!
Still I know that it’s been smooth sailing. Nothing has been unbearable or out of the ordinary. I look forward to December; there’ll be another baby! Let me tell you, the anticipation this time around is much scarier – because I know what awaits me. I remember my mantra as I laboured with Isaiah: “I am not afraid, I was born for this” – I remind myself of this every day now. A newborn baby is the best motivation though. I can’t wait. For baby, and for celebratory sushi 🙂

Jay Jay’s Skirt; Woolworths Top; Pure Jacket; H&M Boots from 32 Clothing
Blackcherry Bag; Mr P Neckpiece; Michael Kors Watch; Zuri Cuffs
Have a great Women’s Day long weekend!

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