Unzipped jeans

Jeans are becoming very difficult to wear. This pair in particular is not great for my growing bump as

it’s not low rise, and so it won’t zip up at all. So yes, here I am with unzipped jeans again and no shame. There’s always the threat of dropping my pants while casually shopping for a great pair that’s impossible to find, but my pregnancy butt helps keep things up.
With maternity jeans so hard to find, I may have to quit jeans altogether for a while. You know things are getting real when you start considering tights – as pants. Oh, the joys.

Mr P Jeans; Cotton On Top; Gifted Scarf; Melissa Shoes; Woolworths Bag; Handmade Beads; Michael Kors Watch; Zuri Cuff

One comment

  1. Hi… im also pregnant and I love my jeans. I was wondering if u heard of something called the tummy tie.. its a handy little elastic that simply stretches and closes the jeans using the same button from ur jeans … u should check it out.. I bought mine from takealot … if u haven't heard of it hope this helps …


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