Non Maternity Picks for Maternity Style

If you’re going to shop for clothing during your pregnancy, my best advice is to opt for pieces that

you’d wear post-pregnancy. I choose to make ‘normal’ pieces work and that’s easy this season. As mentioned in my previous post, the current 70s trend is great for expanding bellies. I picked up a few great pieces from Mr P recently. They will serve me well over the next 4 months and beyond. Here they are.

Shop here
I adore this off-the-shoulder denim mini dress. I’ve already worn it as a top over skinnies but will definitely lose the pants this Summer.
Shop here
Shop here
The two pieces above are great, dressed up or down. It’s incredibly light weight and will be a saving grace when the temperatures soar.
Shop here
This maxi dress is fitted so it highlights a baby bump. I will wear it as is, or with light layers. A great black maxi dress makes you look taller and, in turn, less heavy. Every pregnant woman’s dream.
I also picked up a shirt dress, seen here. It’s not online but definitely still in stores.
These pieces will be in rotation for a while. I love them irrespective of my growing bump, which is important because pregnancy tends to threaten your personal style. You really want to feel like yourself during this time, so I suggest choosing pieces you really love – not just those that fit.

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