Motherhood Monday

I didn’t have the luxury of time to decide what to wear yesterday (and let me tell you,

these days I need loads of time to find anything that fits), so I grabbed these jeggings and oversized shirt. I had worn it a dozen times (in fact, the shirt’s been worn to death!), and knew it hadn’t yet betrayed me. With the rain and uncooperative hair it was a hat weekend, so pulling out this navy hat was a no-brainer. Minimal makeup, last minute accessories and a spritz of perfume was all I needed to be human before rushing off to church.
It’s been a great few weeks at church, on the getting-Isaiah-settled-into-children’s-church front. He used to want me there with him all the time, so I spent zero time in the adult service and every minute on a little-person’s chair – his eyes watching that I don’t move. All he cared about was that Mama was there. It was difficult, and I was starting to think my child is waaay too attached and will never go through a service without screaming for my return. I mean, it had been months. But here we are. And I am thrilled. Feels great to be back in church, and liberating to have my big boy happy without me (oh boy, it’s actually quite bitter sweet!).

Now, to get him out of the cot, into his big boy bed, and into his own room (while potty training and getting him off the bottle completely). Now that’s daunting!

Jet Jeggings; Mr P Shirt; YDE Cardigan; ALDO Boots; Zara Bag from 32 Clothing; China Town Hat; Zuri Neckpiece
Have a great week!

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