Big Bump + Pregnancy Update

Dare I give you a pregnancy update? It’s been all aches and pains, it may result in a lengthy moaning

session – and I never want to be that person. Truth be told, I’m uncomfortable – and I’ve still got three months to go! If the past few months are anything to go by though, the final stretch should go by quickly. Third trimester guys. Third. Just the other day we got a pregnancy test on a whim and there it was. Now here we are.
I’ve gained 10kg’s so far, and things are heavy and awkward. Baby weighs 1, 2kg’s this week, so my doctor anticipates that this will be another big baby. Oh boy. Are you pushing him out? She asked. Um, yes. I want to laugh and cry at the thought of it all – knowing what lies ahead. It comes with a sure confidence yes – because you know you’ve done this before. But I much prefer the blind confidence that you have the first time around.
That being said, I’m really excited. I’m even looking forward to labour, despite the nerves. We booked the bed and took a hospital tour this week, and that stuff really gets me going. I couldn’t resist shopping for baby stuff early on already, and I’ve sorted it all a dozen times now. I’m slowly sorting rooms and wardrobes too. I keep reminding myself not to rush things and savour the last stretch, because once the baby is here it’s a different crazy altogether – and that goes by so quickly. Oh, pregnancy is an exhilarating time.

Monki Dress from 32 Clothing; Mr P Vest & Neckpiece (old); Woolworths Shoes (old); Zara Bag (old); China Town Hat

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