Pregnancy Update: 6 Weeks until Baby

I’ve had many sweet compliments about my pregnancy style (thank you; you’re so incredibly good for

my ego!) – many have even said I make it look so easy. Believe me, I’m no natural. Pregnancy tends to threaten your personal style and you become a little less you, so trying to maintain some sort of style is harder than usual. In general, every mama knows that it’s not a bed of roses, even in the easiest pregnancy.

Underneath the made-up face, I have temperamental skin and a dozen zits could show up in a minute. Chapped lips have made me reach for creamier lipsticks, when I really want to wear matte. But at least I haven’t lost any lashes this time! Underneath all the pretty dresses, I have stretch marks that will forever be a part of me. Let me not forget the patches of skin I miss when trying to shave my legs!

The joke’s on me since I’m always sprinting to the loo because my ‘pinchers’ don’t work like they used to! Zero grace.

With just six weeks until baby, yay! that I’ve mostly skipped swollen feet; but the bruised ankles remind me that my feet aren’t my own nonetheless. The aches and pains are getting really eina; I don’t know how to sit or sleep. And while I may have resisted, I think I have a waddle. It gets really bad when the pelvic pain hits. These days, there’s also a tingle down there I can’t describe – but thank God second-trimester woes seem to be a thing of the past, because oh. my. gawsh I don’t want to have to go through those embarrassing (and painful!) things again. I won’t say. Google most embarrassing pregnancy symptoms or something. Ha!
It’s just never really easy, yet I love being pregnant. And every time I put some lipstick on I’m saving myself from self pity and more importantly, I’m celebrating life. Because, no matter how difficult pregnancy can be – it’s an absolute miracle and blessing to be growing a baby. There’s a person in here and that’s pretty huge. I thank God. Whether you’ve grown and birthed a baby, maybe you’ve even lost a baby… No matter what your own pregnancy journey is, whether in slip-slops or heels – it’s so awesome and significant. Thank God!


Mr P Dress & Shoes (both old); Foschini Bag (old); YDE Sunnies (old); Rogero Style Beads (purchase here)


  1. You look beautiful! I love your pregnancy posts and the outfits you're always putting together.
    I'm excited to see the new baba (I would say meet, but I haven't even met you yet. But you know what I mean!).

    Looking forward to more pregnancy posts xx


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