Life Lately

We’re trying to squeeze in some family time – later than I’d like to admit. Isaiah woke up from his sleep, excited that daddy’s home, and recalls a dozen stories from today while Zachary sleeps on my shoulder. I’ve put him to bed twice tonight, and he chooses me over sleep every time. We’ve survived a few weeks of sick over here. Coughs and snotty noses. Fevers and midnight cries. And now I think we have the result of all the spoiling we did, especially the cuddles.
We’re breaking our own rules. Schedules are out the door this week and recently in general, as husband works longer days than usual so family life is a little topsy turby. And boy, it’s hard work.
Play time. Bath time. Supper time. Night time. Times Two.
That’s what life has been lately. Two kids. Crazy days. Exhilarating days. Toddler jokes and baby giggles. Learning what works for us, and what the priority is. It’s been our little family.
Zachary is nearly 7 months old, and Isaiah is now 3. Three. With a mouth full of where-did-he-learn-that kinda stories.
There are so many moments in a day where my heart could burst with joy. So many where my mouth bursts with laughter. I’m having the time of my life. Truly. Kids may be hard work, but it’s also the most accomplished I have ever felt. They’re the best part of me.
Ugh. My shoulder hurts from this big boy. Let me tuck him in again. Three’s a charm.
p.s. Thanks for sticking around. Less babble next time. xxx

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