Simple Capsule Wardrobe

Hey guys! I’m finally back with a fresh post. We’re well into 2017 and I’m so excited about this year.
As we’re settling in, we’re getting used to the newness of a new year. Whether it’s a new job or house, new baby or spouse (ha!) – you’ve got to get your house in order. Literally. I’m talking about a closet edit.
Maybe you feel like you’ve got nothing new going on, and you’re not particularly motivated. Well, a reworked wardrobe is a revival you need. I love how a wardrobe edit makes me feel – it’s refreshing!
I’ve been editing and reworking my wardrobe, in an attempt to live more with less, and I’ve given some thought to the capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is versatile and built around the season’s basics, with a few fun and trendy pieces. I love the idea of focusing on your basics and letting those pieces guide your personal style, and simplify your life!

Tips for a capsule wardrobe:
1. Determine your signature style. Whether, bohemian or edgy. Determine your true style, and choose pieces that represent you. Maybe you love a few styles – choose two or three, and don’t buy into every trend! It will help make your wardrobe more cohesive. 
2. Work with a colour palette. Choose about 2 basic colours, then add accent colours. Go with your best colours – those you look and feel good in. 
3. . Choose cuts that suit you. So if you look and feel better in a voluminous skirt instead of a pencil skirt – go with that instead. What’s your most flattering jeans, boyfriend or skinny? Choose your best fit.
4. Consider your lifestyle. Try to build an interchangeable wardrobe that caters to your needs – work, party and play.
I’ve put together a simple capsule wardrobe, for this season, and have included examples from Contempo‘s current collections.
6 Tops
Button down shirt 
Colour Tee
Black Tee
White Tee
Striped Top
Fun Top
    4 Pants
Black bootleg pants
Favorite Jeans
White skinnies
Denim shorts
2 Skirts
Black pencil skirt
Classic print
3 Pieces of Outerwear
Black blazer
Statement Blazer
Lightweight Jacket/Cardigan
3 Dresses
LBD (little black dress)
Tunic dress
Sleeveless dress

5 Pairs of shoes
2 Classic heels
2 Pairs of sandals
1 Pair of pumps
Do you see the cohesion, and how everything goes with everything? I mean everything. You are literally able to turn dresses into skirts when things work together. When it comes to mixing prints, working with prints in the same colour group makes it less daunting.
Want to see the magic happen? Come back again soon for a 10 pieces 30 outfits post again soon. In the meantime, get working on your wardrobe! If you like the pieces I’ve included – find them at Contempo stores or visit the website, here.
Hope you enjoyed this post (it’s so good to be back!).
*This post is sponsored by Contempo. The content and ideas are my own, and the clothing recommendations are sincere.*


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