Pink Room

I like to think of this area as our reading room because it’s a sunny spot where I like to have my coffee and read, or just browse social media, on weekend mornings and any other day I get the chance.

I gave this space a little overhaul recently. See snippets of what it looked like before, here.

We moved the bookshelf into the tv/family room and scored a free wall for art, and space for extra seating which we needed because everyone usually gathers here.

All the seating was reupholstered and given new life. We also revamped an old wardrobe and finally put art up. I like it way better than I did before! 🙂

Here are some pictures.




Mr Price coasters; lamp; owl; bird; reupholstered couch & chairs, @ Home coffee table; mirror side table; reupholstered leather chair & pillows, old wardrobe repainted with Poetry handles. Art by Petro Carls & Maureen Harwood.


Hope you enjoyed this post!


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