So. My excuse is that things have been super busy, but doesn’t everyone say that? I think, even if you’re busy, you prioritize the things that matter to you. And I just haven’t prioritized this space – and I need to because it still matters so much.

I also don’t want to come here and post mediocre content just because, but for the sake of this first post of 2018 – please accept these iPhone snapshots of what I’ve been wearing lately.

If you follow me on instagram, you would have seen most of these but it’s the weekend – I’ll dust off the camera and get some good pictures! These, taken by my colleague Tiamara, aren’t too bad though!

Matching top and shorts from The Fix; Mr Price shoes; bag from Bali
H&M dress, heels & earrings; Mr Price sunnies
Mr Price top & skirt; gifted shoes; Jangi earrings; bag is from Colette by Colette Hayman
Culottes & earrings from H&M; Pure top; Zoom shoes; Zara clutch; belt is by Hana-K at Hse of Bespoke Emporium
Mr Price culottes; Woolworths tshirt; Queenspark sneakers; Levi’s jacket; H&M jewellery
Mr Price pinafore; The Fix top; gifted shoes & sunnies
Mr Price matching top and pants; Jet heels; River Island bag; Brett Robson belt
Mr Price top and jeans; Jet heels; Lovisa sunnies

Hope you have an incredible 2018! Chat soon.



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